Contouring the foot

To take measurements, put a sheet of paper on a flat floor. The edges of the paper on all sides should protrude beyond the contours of your foot. The foot should be stationary during the outline so as not to distort the actual contour. You need to stand whilst you outline around the foot to prevent getting the pencil under the foot. To obtain the correct contour, the outline is made with a stylus or a thin point from the pen so that the stylus touches the foot and is perpendicular to the sheet of paper.

Circle the foot, starting from the middle of the rear of the heel of the foot, continuing along the inner contour of the foot to the end of the big toe. Then, the outline of the outer side is carried out, starting from the heel and ending with the big toe. Thus, a closed outer contour of the foot is obtained.

Length and width measurement

The length of the foot (A) is measured from the most protruding point of the heel to the most protruding point of the toe (first or second toe). The width of the foot (B) is measured in the horizontal plane from the widest place on the inner side of the foot - The inner bundle (outer bone at the base of the big toe), to the widest place on the outside - The outer bundle (outer bone next to the little toe). To measure the foot and shin, it is advisable to use a non- stretching flexible measuring tape with millimetre divisions (if there is no measuring tape available, use a non-stretching flexible tape and measure it with a ruler after marking the length). The measuring tape must be applied with uniform tension without squeezing the foot. The tape should be at the same level and not have distortions. When determining the volume of the foot in bundles (C), the edge of the measuring tape should be on the inner side of the foot at the widest place of the inner bundle (the bone at the base of the big toe), and on the outer side - at the widest place of the external bundle (the outer bone immediately after the little toe ) The volume of the foot in the lift (D) is determined by a measuring tape level with the highest point of the upper part of the foot and on the lowest point level with underneath of the foot.

To measure the volume of the foot through the fold (E) the tape is placed on the foot at the ankle, and at the back through the lowest point of the back of the heel. Similarly, take measurements for your other leg, for this use a new sheet of clean paper. Measurement results are dimensional signs of your foot. Having picked up the size, we will confirm it with free dimensional shoes. The dimensional shoes are created specifically to confirm the size. We understand that you are probably taking measurements for the first time and understand the possibility of inaccuracies. Dimensional shoes will eliminate all inaccuracies and will finally determine the size of your feet, which guarantees your future comfort!